Are the black outs legal to use on my regular use vehicle?
This varies from location to location.  Many law enforcement agencies allow cosmetic lens covers on vehicles so long as the lights can still be seen.  There are some that enforce the fact that you cannot have any type of lens cover over your forward or rear lights.  It's always good to check with your local city and state laws if you are unsure.

How do I attach the black out tail light cover to my vehicle?
This is based on your personal preference.  I have seen them held on with clips, heavy duty Velcro strips, screws, and many other ways.  The Pontiac Firebird pictured throughout this website uses 4 screws, one in each corner of the blackout. 

How durable is the black out tail light cover?
The black outs are made from a tinted acrylic.  Once attached to the vehicle, they are quite tough.  However, these plastics are not bullet proof.  If someone decided to kick the black out hard enough (thinking their car had a protective shell or something) chances are, the black out would crack.  They hold up extremely well to the ravages of the elements, and keeping them clean is as easy as washing your car.

Note:  Care should be taken drilling into the black out for screw holes.   I've noticed a high speed Dremel Tool and bit works very well.

Do you have black outs for other vehicles?
As of right now, not yet.

What color scanner lenses to you carry?
Red, Yellow, Amber, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Gray, White,  Frosted, and many in between.  Special requests can be sent to Mike @  or by the Contact Mike tab at the top of the page.

How do I purchase a colored lens or a black out?
Using the Contact Me tab or by, you can request particular sizes of lens, colors, and information about your needs, then in the Products page, there is a Pay Pal link for the colored lenses and the tail light black outs after each of their descriptions. 

Did the cost of your tail light blackouts go up during the month of October?
Unfortunately, due to the rising costs of acrylic materials,  we were forced to offset our cost by adding a slight increase to the purchase price of our blackouts.  As with the law of supply and demand, when our material costs go down, so do our prices.  We try to stay ahead of the curve to keep our prices fair, and offer a reliable product.  The one piece tail light blackout was previously offered for $50.00.  During the month of October, we saw a rise in manufacturing costs which forced us to raise the price to $65.00.  Any orders placed during the advertised price of $50.00 per blackout will be honored. 

How will I know if your Blackouts or Scanner Lenses will fit my vehicle?
The blackout we sell is a custom designed model that's been made with some interesting features to assure an ascetic appeal and great look.  With our blackouts, we've made them ever so  slightly larger to reduce the "gapping" that so many of the tail light covers for this vehicle have.  There is a distinguished "left" and "right" side of the blackout to follow the contours of the third generation Firebirds and Trans Ams.  If any buyer is unsure how the blackout will look on their car, they need look no further than our website photos.  All the blackouts are carbon copy duplicates made off a single model that are represented by the one featured on the car on this website.  All the blackouts made by us are identical with the exception of the 1/8" and 1/4" models.  Those two models have variable thicknesses to them which make them different.   The scanner lenses are cut to order per customer specifications and can be made custom as well.   Email Mike for specific requests on scanner lens sizes when ordering.

Do you have any videos on the installation of the black outs or the lenses?
I am always making new videos, instructional and entertainment in nature.  Most of my videos can be seen by visiting the "Links" section of this website, and clicking on my Youtube Channel link.

How long does it take to receive your products once my order has been placed?
If you have ordered a blackout or scanner lens, the only waiting period is for payment to clear.  Typically, we have several blackouts and lenses  always in stock and ready to ship.  However, due to variables such as location, shipping overseas, and special orders, we have set a time of 2 - 4 weeks for delivery of any acrylic piece once payment is received.  The Audio Companion DVD typically ships out the same week it was ordered.
Our 3D Prints we offer are typically printed within 24 hrs of receiving the order.  Due to the complexity of some 3D prints, we notify our customers of an expected delivery time of 1-2 weeks once the order has been received.

I would like some more information about the DVD Audio collection you provide.
The DVD Audio Collection is sold as a (DVD Data Disc) and is a must have for any KR enthusiast.  It consists of roughly 3 GB of audio data from the TV Show.  Voices, sounds, music, etc, in multiple formats including MP3 and WAV formats.  It represents several
years of sampling, editing, and re recording tracks and placing them into the appropriate formats for use in many various audio playback devices.

Is your DVD Audio collection a copy of a retail sold DVD or other disc available on the net?
To the best of my knowledge, no and no.   I do not sell bootleg copies of DVDs on this website.  I started on this collection back  in 1994 with audio sampling from various sources, then through a painstaking process of audio editing, and remastering, have made a collection that has been used throughout the history of me building a replica conversion car.

Where can I hear samples from your DVD Audio Collection?
Visit the "Links" section of this website.  There you will see a link to my Youtube Channel.  On that channel, are many videos about the car pictured on this website.  All voice tracks, sound tracks, and KR themed audio tracks contained in those videos are from my Audio Collection.

Have a question for me about the information here or something else?  Ask me and I'll share it in our FAQ section.